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Beats and Pools

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Beats and Pools
Beats and Pools
Beats and Pools

A1: New Pool

New Pool is one of our best high water pools and fishes well in all higher levels. This pool holds the record for the second largest fish caught at NFC as well as many more great fish. For New Pool the water level cannot be high enough, even in a flood it is most likely fishable and one of the first pools which begins to fish well again after a flood. The pool in higher water is a long stretch, but you never need to fish very deep here. This is because the current is rather slow, and the pool is not so deep - but it still holds many good fish! New Pool is one of the pools where fresh running fish usually stop to rest, at least for a while, so there is a good chance to hook them. New Pool was in the past always a big fish pool, and in this pool there is not much danger of loosing the fish on rocks, so if you hook a big one here there's a great chance to land the fish!

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A2: Home Pool (Right Bank)

Beat A2 is one of the pools that change quite a bit from year-to-year. Over the last few seasons this pool has been improving, again fishing like it did in the “old times”. In general, Home Pool can be fished in all water levels. It is one of the pools that fishes well, even in very high water and after a flood Beats A1 and A2, are often the first pools that fish well again.

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B1: Langøy Pool

The Langøy Pool is well known as a big fish pool. This legend was only compounded by Arve Nilsen’s big fish, from the 2011 season, which weighed over 21 kg! Over the years this pool has produced many big fish and it is perhaps the pool with one of the greatest chances to hook a monster fish – as it always holds a number of large fish. This pool fishes well from very high water levels all the way down to lower water levels. In general almost all season this pool fishes well. In the early season fish tend to rest for a while before pushing on upstream through the long run above this pool. During the later part of the season this pool holds a good number of fish; which  seem to congregate in the neck of the pool and in the deep hole in the middle of the beat. 

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B2: Renna Pool

Renna is one of the pools where many of our regulars have had some of their best memories. Many fish have been caught here – several of the largest fish ever caught on NFC waters were landed in this pool over the years. Even though the last few years have not been as productive as maybe 10 years ago, this is a pool you can and should fish whenever you have the chance. It is a great long stretch of flywater. The pool fishes well from higher water down to very low water levels. 

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BS1: Bogen Søndre 1

This is some of the best flywaters you will find on the Gaula. The beat is located about 20 kms. upriver from our main beats in Støren (8 kms. upstream of Bridge Pool).

Upper Pool or Road Pool: This famous pool is one of the best high-water pools on the entire river. The pool also performs well in medium water, and even in low water to some extent. This is the most productive pool on the Bogen Søndre beat – and it is one of NFC’s bests! This very long pool holds fish from early on in the season, usually only a couple of days after fish have passed the Gaulfossen! In the very first weeks it can be a bit difficult, depending on the weather, but in general the beat fishes great the entire season.

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BS2: Bogen Søndre 2

This is one of the best flywaters you can find on the Gaula. The beat is located about 20 kms. upriver from our main water in Støren (8 km. upstream of Bridge Pool Beat D1).

The Beat BS2 fishes especially well in high to medium levels but has the best potential in low water spots. The pool holds a substantial number of resident fish all season, especially in the upper half. In lower water you will find BS2 more often as a free-for-all beat in our rotation as the spot is pretty short and it's quite a way to drive up.

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C1: Long Pool

Long Pool is one of our most beautiful pools. The pool is probably the pool which changes most year-by-year. Because of this it is a bit more difficult to say where the taking spots are and which water levels are the best. It is important to know that the access to the pool is a 5 to 7 min walk along our F1: Railway Pool followed by a short walk close to the railroad tracks- where you have to pay close attention!

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C2: Tilseth Pool

Tilseth Pool has been one of the most productive pools on the NFC waters in the past few seasons. This pool offers perfect flywater with perfect water speeds and also holds fish all season long. The pool fishes best on medium to lower water levels and when casting distances are moderate. An important thing to note is that when fishing from the left bank (it is double bank, but we usually recommend fishing from the left bank) that one respects the border at the top of the beat. Other landowners own the very upper part, and a white stick on the right bank and another mark on the gravel bank marks the border. Please do not begin fishing above that border marker.

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D2: Bua Bridge Pool

The Bua is a tributary of the Gaula that runs from high in the mountains to where it enters the Gaula near Rognes. The Bua is a narrow, steep and powerful river. Many fishermen wonder how salmon can possibly make it up such a river, and it is perhaps because of this that the Bua salmon are steeped in local legend as being particularly strong, bright and hard fighting fish. The Bua is actually the highest altitude salmon bearing river in all of Europe. The Bua Bridge Pool is one of the best holding pools on the entire Bua river.

The pool is located under the bua bridge, which is approximately 3.5 km. up the Bua River Road from the main road (Rt. 30). The pool is well defined, beginning just above the pool, and tailing out near the rapids below. To fish it most effectively, one should approach it cautiously from above the bridge. Even peering over the bridge to try to spot fish below can put the fish down and ruin one's chances for a take. Above the bridge there is a marked path with a rope-handle to assist in the descent to the pool. Once down, above the bridge and the pool, one can start fishing the pool by making short casts to cover the soft water behind the rocks that make up the head of the pool. Slowly begin to lengthen line, so as to cover the entire pool's width. Eventually, one can begin to take steps down towards the bridge, covering the head of the pool, and eventually when you find yourself under the bridge, you can cover the belly of the pool.


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D2: Junction Pool

Junction Pool is probably our shortest pool but it is also one of the most beautiful spots in the river. The pool changes quite a bit each year. The borders are very important here - the pool is quite short but in low and medium water one of our best spots. The border to the beat below (not our beat) is marked by a stake on the gravel bank about half way down the beat. Generally, the lower the water gets, the better it is. We recommend fishing this beat at medium and lower water levels.

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D2: Upper Pool

Upper Pool is a new pool being reintroduced into the NFC rotation for season 2013. NFC had the pool in the past and it has been developing nicely during the last floods, so we are glad to have it back now into our rotation! From medium down to very low levels this pool fishes well. Detailed description will follow after some "test fishing" in 2013!


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E1a: Island

The island: this is a free-for-all pool, and an option to fish when the water is low enough to cross the creek. Give it a try if you have E1 or E2. Sometimes the fishing can be good and it's worth it to have a go! Start below the big rocks on the other side and fish it down stream to the border of E1, using the same lines as in E1. Often, during the later season, this can be a good spot to catch a fresh grilse.

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E1-E5: (Overview)

E Beats: Generally the E Beats fishe well in all water levels, especially from the left bank! Many fishermen loose faith when the water gets offcolored. This does not have to be a bad thing because colored water makes fishing possible in very bright sunshine when other pools are not fishing that well anymore. On the other hand, the fishing in the darker periods is definitely better if the water is clear or not very colored.

The right bank beats E4 and E5 are different. Both of the beats are fishing best in lower water. It is difficult casting from a high bank over the left side. 

The conditions are good as long as when one wades in one is able to see ones wading boots if one wade in just over your knees! It can be quite colored and it will still fish well! It is actually more the head of the fishermen telling “the fish cannot see my fly” and so on - but the salmon don’t mind - they still take flies, often very well! Don’t be irritated by colored or muddy water, just change to a bigger or brighter fly if the water is coloured. Important to know is that the colors of the water can change very quickly - it can look “unfishable” one minutes and then 3 or 4 hours later the water is almost clear - we have experienced this many times over the past few seasons. 

E1: Horse Pool (Left Bank)

E1 is one of our best pools during the early season and fishes very well in high water. In high water in the first weeks of the season fish it with a heavy sinking line (sink 4/5, 5/6, and heavier); if you hit the bottom in the end of the drift you know you are fishing deep enough! In these conditions the water may be cold, and offcolor, fish deep, slow and with the biggest flies you have. Medium to bigger tube flies in bright colors are the first choice in beginning of June, in darker periods use darker colors. Typical June patterns such as large temple dog flies, green highlander, flom fly, etc. all work well.

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E2: Statshølen Pool (Left Bank)

This is the “heart” of the E Beats. E2 fishes well in all water levels! Start to drop in directly on the border between E1 and E2. Please wait a moment if there is someone fishing E1 and about to finish their pass – do not drop in directly in front of them because you might destroy their “taking spot” and the chance of catching a fish. E2 is a long beat with which holds fish well as they move up river towards the Gaulfossen.

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E3: Paradise Pool (Left Bank)

This pool is a bit more difficult to fish but has been fishing wonderfully in the last few seasons. It is deep and on the bottom are huge rocks! Below the fast water, at the drop in to E3 you will often find slack water in medium and lower water levels. Cast out, lift ones rod up and let the fly sink and swing around. If the line stops, start to strip in. Also casting out mending upstream and wading a few steps down stream is an effective method. In E3 one does not need to wade far in at all. It catches fish and here you should use at least a sink 2/3 (even in lower water conditions) or even heavier lines and also bigger flies. Again here, the fly should come close to the bottom towards the end of your drift- that way you know you are fishing deep enough.

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E4: Storøya & Horse Pool (Right Bank)

The top of E4 (opposite E1A and even higher up) fishes well in medium and lower levels. Fish it downstream with a float sink tip line or slower sinking line. One can wade the first part of the pool. There is a little shelter on the bank, drop in 20 meters upstream and cast out. There is a big rock just out front of the shelter, this is known to be a good holding spot. One can easily see that this is a good place for fish to pause and rest on their swim upriver. One can also try this rock spot in medium to high water. The rest of the stretch fishes better in lower water conditions; fish it most effectively with a sink tip line, Float Sink 3 or something similar all the way down.

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E5: Statshølen & Paradise Pool (Right Bank)

Often a good idea to fish E5 straight after fishing E4 because it is most likely free for all and E5 is a good spot in lower water. It is opposite of E3 and is a good holding spot for big fish and in lower water levels always worth it to give it a go. The fishing is not easy because walking on big rocks makes following a fish quickly a bit difficult, but it is very deep and huge rocks create nice holding spots on the bottom. It is time that E5 gets explored a bit more, our staff and some regulars are very optimistic that this spot will provide us with some big fish in the coming seasons. We guess the best lines are all kinds of heavier sinking lines, try it out and report back!


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E6: Fornes Øyen (Upper)

(from the left bank). The Beat starts where you will find a border sign, either on our bank or a marker on the other side of the river. In high water the middle part of the beat should fish well, as there will be a “neck“ into Beat E7 which should be a great place, as there is a deep hole just above it where fish will rest. How the upper part of Beat E6 will fish? we honestly don’t know! In low water it looks great all the way, in high water we’ll see how fast the current at the top of the pool flows.

E7: Fornes Øyen (Lower)

(from the right bank) starts where we will have a border sign (a post or marker) on the bank. Due to high water one might need to cross a side channel to get onto the gravel bank. The beat will fish well from the corner where the water flows into the lower pool (border sign on the bank) all the way down to the lower border, which is 30-40 meters above the Bridge. The water flow is steady and fish will certainly stop briefly before moving upstream. In high water fish will lie very close to the bank, so we assume deep wading is not necessary. As the water drops, one should try to fish close to the other bank. Try to get a good swing into your fly to speed it up. The beat will fish similar to E1 or E2. In low water even a try from the high bank (left bank might be an option, we have to find out!)

F1: Railway Pool

This beat is located below Long Pool (Beat C1). Generally, this pool is for experienced anglers who are able to left-hand spey or underhand cast. One will be fishing from a steep rock bank – so one needs to be physically fit to fish it properly as one will have to “climb” through the rocky bank. The pool fishes well in medium and lower water levels, in high water the water is too fast from the high bank. This pool is always free for all and can be fished by anyone at NFC at any time. Please fish in harmony with the other bank – normally, one will not disturb one another, but make sure to be friendly and polite please.

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G1: New Granøyen Pool

G1: This Beat will substitute our old Beat D1, the new Beat G1 is called Granøyen Beat. The beat fishes well in all water levels and is double bank. In high to medium water levels you will be fishing only the right bank, start just above the Bridge and fish your way down to the lower border – the “hot spot” will be from the Gaupahuk(hut) down to the lower border. In low water the left bank gets interesting. It is a steep bank and wading can be challenging but it fishes well with a floating line with sink tips or similar from basically just below the Bridge to the bottom of the Beat.

K: Bua River (Left Bank)

The Bua River, is a free for all beat. It consists of the left bank of the Bua River, upstream of the Bua Bridge Pool. It extends for over 800 meters upstream of the Bua Bridge, starting at the traffic sign and continuing back down to just above the Bua Bridge. There is a small series of pocket water which although not suitable for some anglers due to difficult wading, and casting, can be an exciting area to try after having fished through the Bua Bridge Pool once.

L1: Lundamo Pool

This beat is located below Gaulfossen and is an especially good spot during the early weeks. Generally, this pool is divided into two parts: the upper part which is made up of a deep channel running close to our bank; and the lower part, which widens out. The main pool of the lower section begins to fish well in the middle of the stretch where the main current moves over to the other side of the river. There are a good number of large rocks in this lower section, and this is always a hot spot to intercept fresh fishing running towards the Gaulfoss.

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