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NFC is 811 days into the 2017 season!
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Week 26: Many great fish have been landed!

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Week 26: Many great fish have been landed!
Week 26: Many great fish have been landed!

Published on: July 5, 2017, 12:46 p.m.

To start things off, we want to mention the last couple of fish of Week 25 caught on Sunday morning. Below NFC regular Andreas Grass landed a very nice salmon of 101cm on Beat G1.

Andreas with his super salmon – 101 cm pure silver! Well done, Andreas!

Also our guide Mawill Lüdenbach took the chance on his free Sunday to do some fishing and landed another good fish on the very same Beat, measuring 94cm.

Mawill Lüdenbach with a hen fish of 94cm that he carefully released.

After seeing fish moving in the pool just below the lodge, Per Arneberg (chairman and owner of NFC) took the rowboat over to the opposite bank and after only a few casts, hooked a great fish.

Per with his nice salmon of 97cm – great fun!

Week 26 started after our welcome dinner on Sunday evening. The water level was slowly dropping during the weekend to a rather moderate level and actually warming up. But then it started raining Sunday evening and we expected the river to rise again quickly. Regular guest Bruce Bomphrey caught the first salmon of the week on the opposite bank of the Lodge indicating that there were many fish on the move.


NFC’s Daniel Stephan fished Beat A1 on Sunday and only needed 20 minutes of fishing to land his first salmon of the season of 10,4kg (22.9 lbs). The fish bled, and had to be kept.

Daniel with his salmon Nr. 1 - caught on Beat A1 (photo taken in Beat B1).

First time American guest Marc Fitzsimmons was fishing Beat G1 Monday morning and was able to catch and release his first Gaula salmon of about 7kg (15.3 lbs). 

Marc Fitzsimmons with his first Gaula salmon.

That night, Mortan Carlsen from the Faroe Islands fished Beat A1 and caught two salmon of 100 and 83 cm.

On Beat BS1 it was Tim Sparkes who caught the next salmon, another great fish of 100cm and exactly 10kg (22 lbs).

Regular English guest Tim Sparkes with his great fish from Beat BS1.

A lot of fish were moving the following day giving Mortan and Daniel a great session at noon on Beat G1. Daniel caught and released a 4kg (8.8 lbs) salmon just before he hooked and fought a 2nd fish, which he released. 

Daniel with his salmon of 103cm – what a great fish!

Shortly after Daniel released his 2nd fish Mortan hooked another nice fish on the same Beat, this time 97cm.

Mortan releases his fish – always the best part of the catch.

American guest Craig Stemmer landed his first Atlantic salmon on Beat BS1 – a fat fish of 99,5 cm and probably weighing over 10kg (22lbs).

Guide Marcus and Craig Stemmer with his nice salmon from BS1.

Well known salmon Angler Henrik Mortensen from Denmark had a great week fishing with us and started his week with two great fish on Beat A1. The first fish weighed about 8kg (17.6 lbs) and the 2nd was even bigger and estimated to weigh 11kg (24 lbs).

Henrik with his 2nd fish of about 11kg (24 lbs) and 104cm

- and just as almost every salmon this year, in very good condition!

On beat BS2 our American guest Bob Colson was able to catch and release a great fish of 105cm, sadly we don’t have a picture as he was fishing on his own. On the same morning Australian Charles Barret caught and released another fish of about 5kg (11 lbs) in G1 and also photographer Matt Harris was lucky again on his short visit and got a nice 6kg (13 lbs)  fish in the very same Beat.

Matt Harris with his salmon from Beat G1.

Bob Colson tested fishing on the E-beats even though it had been a bit quiet downriver. With fresh fish coming into the river, he was able to have an excellent session with a grilse lost and a 7kg (15.3 lbs)  salmon caught and released at Beat E2.

During Sunday morning Henrik Mortensen decided to fish downriver and caught the biggest salmon of the season on NFC waters so far of 114cm and about 15kg (33 lbs)– it was a big and fat hen fish. He was on his own and could not take any pictures and also those fish are important to release quickly as they are the future of this wonderful river. As usual, Mortan Carlson catches a good number of fish when he is visiting us – he finished his week with a 6kg (13 lbs) salmon on Beat BS1 and a large grilse of 68cm from the E-Beats. It seems like a lot of fish are coming in these days as our fishermen reported seeing many fish in the lower river – really good numbers of all sizes of fish. These next days should be very exiting!

We will keep you updated.


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