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NFC is 536 days into the 2017 season!
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The 2017 Gaula season is just ahead!

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The 2017 Gaula season is just ahead!
The 2017 Gaula season is just ahead!

Publié le: 31 mai 2017 16:57

It's all set for a good start into the season 2017. The Lodge is ready to welcome guests, the water level dropped down to a very fishable and nice level, and at the Gaulfossen Pool have been seen fresh salmon splashing - it looks pretty good and are very exited about the opening in a few hours!

Stefano with the first salmon of the 2016 season, weighing about 10kg.

We will keep you updated from now on as often as possible! We are wishing all of you a great salmon season 2017! Sincerely, your team of the Norwegian Fly fishers Club
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