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Week 31 – The Gaula Delivers: great water levels, good conditions and big fish!

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Week 31 – The Gaula Delivers: great water levels, good conditions and big fish!
Week 31 – The Gaula Delivers: great water levels, good conditions and big fish!

Published on: Aug. 9, 2016, 9:14 a.m.

The week stared off with a great session on beat E7 for Mike and his two sons Ryan and Kevin - the Knowles family, visiting from America. After 1 hour of fishing Ryan and Kevin where both into a fish at the same time! While Kevin landed his first Atlantic salmon of about 6kg, Ryan was in the middle of fighting a really big fish – sadly the fish came off after a 25 min fight. It was a really big one, but these things happen.

Shortly after Ryan lost his big fish, he decided to get back in the river, and he kept fishing and hooked another fish, this time a smaller grilse and was able to land it. But what a start into Atlantic salmon fishing that night! On the next day Peter Ericson fished our Lodge Pool and was able to catch a nice fish of about 6,5kg. Beth Sterten, as well from the United States caught a grilse on Beat E1a.

During the night Thie Reimers fished Beat E7 and caught two nice fish, the first one of about 5kg and the 2nd fish was estimated to weigh about 9,5kg.

Thies releases his nice fish.

Our Swiss guest Pierre Egger managed to catch a fish of about 6,5kg as well in our Lodge Pool – Beat M. Henry Giles and Erwin Tibad each landed a grilse.

As well as NFC’s Manager Daniel Stephan, who had some time to fish and was able to land a good fish between 10 and 11kg (104cm) on Beat A1 after and exciting fight, which took him well into the backing. On Beat G1 it was again Ryan Knowles who managed to hook his next fish – a nice one of about 5,5kg. 

Ryan with his salmon of about 5,5kg.

Also Simon Kitcher landed a big fish. He fished Beat BS1 and almost at the bottom of the pool he hooked a big fish – 109cm male fish and approximately weighing 12kg.

Peter Ericson caught his next fish on Beat M, directly below the Lodge, this time a nice “lady” of 9kg which of course has to be released like all female fish in July and August.

Christopher Lloyd was able to get nice grilse on Beat E2 and Erwin Tibad caught a Seatrout of 1,5kg. Also NFC’s Daniel caught his next fish of 90cm and about 6,5kg on Beat A1.

The next day turned out to be a great day for the Knowles family again – all 3 of them caught fish on the same day! The first fish was a big male fish on Beat D2 for Kevin – 110cm and about 14 to 15kg, just an amazing fish!


Kevin with his big fish – 110cm from Beat D2 – what a fish!

His brother Ryan caught a grilse in the same Pool and their father Mike got another grilse in Beat BS2 a bit later during the day.

Mike Knowles with his grilse from Beat BS2.

A couple of more grilse have been caught by Pierre Egger, Christopher Lloyd, Denny Kreid and Erwin Tibad. Henry Giles got a nice sea-liced fish on Beat BS1 about 7kg. Also Michal Vavro caught a sea-liced salmon our Beat M – approx. 5,5kg.

Michal Vavro with his sealiced salmon from Beat M – congrats!

NFC’s owner Per Arnberg had to leave Norway and the Gaula early this season- but for a good reasons – he is getting married! But Per would not leave without not one, but two nice gifts from the Gaula! He caught two big fish on one of his last days of fishing for the season, of about 100cm each on our Beat F1 (Railway)! Per managed the two fish from exactly the same spot, approximately 8 hours apart, landing both fish in this tricky spot! What a way to end his fishing season, and his last fish as a single guy! 

Fish Nr. 2 of 100cm cm – 10kg + and fresh – what a day!!

Finally, we have the water levels we have needed and the fishing is quite good again, as big fish are moving and it is just fun being out on the river with the expectation to catch one of Gaula’s big Atlantics! They are out there – and it is possible to catch them any time!

The weather forecast is very promising, with a lot of rain in the forecast for tomorrow and we should have nice water levels during this newly started week – we are looking forward to the next days to come.

We will keep you updated!


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